Yes, I’m Still Alive

Wow, it’s been a while! By my count — and everyone else’s — I have not posted in this space since July. Now, nearly halfway through December and I have completed my fall semester of junior year.

The semester went well — I took mostly classes for my major met a lot of cool people and got rehired as an intern at The Washington Post. This time, I work in the news video department, and we’re in the process of moving from Arlington, Va., to the storied Post building on 15th Street in downtown D.C.I’ve done lots of work on Web sites lately — hopefully that will actually pay off some day. I’m sure it will — since they say it’s good to be ambidextrous in this new media environment. I was very popular amongst my classmates in a HTML/CSS class I took this past semester.I’ll be back at The Post next semester — and I hope to share some great new stories along the way. I’m super excited to be working more closely with Post journalists this time around. We used to be separated by the Potomac River, but no more. We “merge” with the paper on Jan. 1 — but that’s a bit of a misnomer since the Web site was always part of The Washington Post Co., just a separate division.Things at The Eagle have been going well too. The semester definitely ended better there than it started. Working on the Web site has been a test of everyone’s patience, but slowly and surely it’s getting done. I would have liked to see development proceed a faster pace, but I do feel that we’ve come a long way, and that the overall user experience is much improved. I hope to work more on this site in the coming weeks.So watch this space for more frequent posting — my little pet project over the break is to clean up the site’s design a bit. This is probably the most personal of the posts you’ll see here too!Later!

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