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Canada Competition Bureau is accusing a high end outerwear manufacturer of using deceptive marketing practices and for falselyleveraging the phrase in Canada on their products.

On their website, Moose Knuckles says itinjectsmillions of dollars into the Canadian economy by operating three factories across the countryand by employing over 200 Canadians.

day one we have made it a priority to invest in Canada. From our tradition steeped factories in Winnipeg, to our expert furriers in Toronto, to our passionate design team in Montreal, everything we do is Canadian to the core, the website.

Allegedlythough, and according to an application filed with theCompetition Tribunal,cheap jerseys the company parkas are mostly manufactured in Vietnam and elsewhere in Asia.

Only the finishing touches of the products the trim, zippers and snaps are made in Canada.

Moose Knuckles, via theirwebsite, goes on to say:

process isdoneby hand and requires the expertise of skilled Canadians, who work tirelessly to bring you the finest coats that can be built. MORE:Canadian Competition Bureau completes Google investigation from 2013

By filing this motion, the Competition Bureau is seeking to endwhat it believes is the misuse of the phrase in Canada. Winnipeg based company wares can sell for well over $1,000 a price that may reflect its association.

are willing to pay a premium for in Canada and manufacturers know this. Knuckles president Ayal Twik said in an email to Canadian Pressthat the company rejects the allegations regarding the Canadian content of its products and the company operations in Canada.

Knuckle core products are made in Canada and always have been, Twik added.

The Moose Knuckles brand recently received a publicity boost after Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wife, wore one of its red and black plaid jackets while stepping off a government plane last November in London.

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